Tips and tricks when buying a Prada nylon bag

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21 January 2020

In 1984, Prada created a bag that changed fashion forever: the Prada nylon bag. The bag has made a huge comeback and is currently taking over our Instagram feed. Unfortunately, the bag is often copied due to its popularity. But don't you worry! We're happy to explain what you should pay attention to when buying a Prada nylon so that you always buy an authentic bag.

Materials Prada nylon

Where Prada’s nylon was originally made of a light and thin fabric, its material has now evolved and is much thicker and heavier. The material is very durable, water-resistant and the texture of the bag should not be slippery. Some nylon bags are lined, and others are unlined. If the bag has jacquard lining, you should feel it through the bag.

The classic jacquard logo lining features a coiled rope motif and the word 'PRADA' is repeated throughout the bag. An important detail to pay attention to is how wide or narrow the 'A' in the Prada logo is. The A's should be wide and both A’s in Prada should be consistent. If this is not the case, alarm bells should go off.



Construction Prada nylon

The construction of Prada nylon bags will vary depending on the style. Most Prada tessuto and vela bags are unlined and feature bound seams. When a bag is lined, it will be 9 out of 10 times the jacquard lining mentioned previously. Now you are probably wondering what the difference is between Prada tessuto and Prada vela. Prada items with tessuto nylon have a higher value. Vela nylon is more often used for entry-level pieces with minimal trim.


Hardware Prada nylon

Prada's hardware has changed several times over the years. The zippers of the first bags had a powder coating and a blank back with no brand name on it. If you want to buy a first-generation Prada bag, the color of the zipper teeth and the color of the bag should match. In addition, the zippers will have a nylon rectangular zipper pull.

Prada uses contemporary IPI and Riri or Lampo zippers. These are used on the most luxurious bags of the fashion house. The zipper pullers evolved as well to feature branding and leather accents have been added.


Prada nylon brand identifiers

The triangle Prada logo is perhaps one of the most recognizable and iconic logos. On old Prada bags, this logo is attached with rivets. The newer bags are not attached with rivets. The lacquer layer of the logo should be smooth and should never be bubbled or sloppy. The logo is always attached to the bag and cannot be lifted. On the non-authentic bags, the triangle is not attached properly, so the logo is loose and can be lifted.

The logo plate always mentions PRADA / MILANO / DAL 1913 and the logo. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to the font, especially the letter 'R' in the logo. This should always have a notch and the reverse leg. The normal logo and the made-in logo inside the bag should always match the color of the bag.


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