The top 20 handbag names

04 August 2015

If you round up the most popular it-bags of the last decades, there is one thing they have in common. Almost every it-bag has a feminine name that was inspired by a just as famous it-girl, a close friend of the designer or an unknown muse. Perhaps the designers of some of these bags just picked a name with a pretty ring to it. The one thing we do know is that almost one third of all bags have a feminine name according to shopping site Lyst.

Alexa vs. Birkin
The most popular one suprisingly isn't the Birkin, but the Alexa (Mulberry). By combing through all their search data Lyst was able to come up with the 20 most popular bags with a feminine name. Presented alphabetically, the big winners are:

The top 20
Alexa (Mulberry)
Anita (Saint Laurent)
Antigona (Givenchy)
Cara (Mulberry)
Carine (Tom Ford)
Casey (Michael Kors)
Daphne (Jason Wu)
Diane (Jason Wu)
Drew (Chloé)
Elsie (Chloé)
Emmanuelle (Saint Laurent)
Faye (Chloé)
Jackie (Gucci)
Kelly (Hermès)
Pandora (Givenchy, Charlotte Olympia) 
Ricky (Ralph Lauren)
Rocco (Alexander Wang)
Selma (Michael Kors) 
Sophia/Sofia (Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo) 
Thea (Tory Burch)

Add an it-bag to your closet
The list varies from classic icons such as Jackie O (Gucci) to modern it-girls such as miss Chung (Mulberry) and Diane Kruger (Jason Wu). And the sweetest one of all is Ralph Lauren's Ricky, who is after his gorgeous wife. It is about time to add one of these it-bags to your closet. At Designer-Vintage you'll find everything from a Hermès Kelly's to the Chloé Drew bag, at just a fraction of the retail price!