Useful tips when buying a designer bag

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26 December 2019

Buying a designer bag is a milestone for many fashion lovers. Unfortunately, it often happens that bags are copied, which is why we at Designer-Vintage have listed 10 tips to check the authenticity of a designer bag. This way you avoid becoming a victim and buying a non-authentic bag.


1.   Is the source correct?

A reliable source is key! Choose carefully where you are going to buy a bag. Do extensive research on the site where you want to make a purchase. Are there any reviews about this platform online? Is the website secure? Are there contact details online? Search and read this in advance. And the most important tip: listen to your heart!


2.   Does the model of the bag exist?

Non-authentic versions of the bag are often designed. Check in advance whether the model of the bag you want to buy actually exists.


3.   Compare prices

A cheap Chanel bag sounds very attractive but remember: nothing’s as it seems. Compare the price of the bag with other sources. If the price is significantly lower than similar items on other websites, you might question the authenticity of the bag.


4.   Does the bag have a serial number?

With vintage designer bags, the date code is often faded, or not present at all. Are you buying a newer designer bag? Then make sure that a date code is present. This code is used by brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel for registration purposes. It tells them where and when a bag was made. Check if the date code corresponds with the year in which the item was made and if all the characteristics of the code are present. Keep in mind that non-authentic items may have a copied serial number.


5.   Check the typography

Designers spend a lot of time perfecting the typography of their labels and logos. These are always clear and defined. Watch out for engravings that are sloppy. Letters should not be too close together or overlap each other.


6.   Check the material

Luxury designer brands work with the best fabrics and hardware. Pay special attention to the weight of the hardware. For luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel these are usually quite heavy.


7.   Are the measurements correct?

The dimensions of a designer bag are generally always the same. Advertisements may contain different sizes; this does not necessarily mean that a bag is not authentic. Everyone measures differently and it's wise to always keep a 1.5 cm scope. If the space is much larger than that, check with yourself whether this can be trusted.


8.   Accessories

Are all accessories included with the bag? Think of the dust bag, box, shoulder strap and cards. These accessories are just as important as the bag and make sure that you keep the value of the bag. Take a good look at the cards that come with the bag. The text on the cards should be centered and written flawlessly.


9.   Gut feeling

Are the above points correct, but you don't feel good about it? Then don't do it. Your feeling usually indicates the right thing and it would be a shame if you would regret your purchase later on.


10. Secure payment service

Have you decided to buy a bag but need a little bit more certainty? Then use a secure payment service, for example the Secure Transfer Service of Designer-Vintage. We do an extra check on your purchase and send your dream item directly to you.