The Vip Service

Randy Tran
27 February 2018

Do you recognize the problem of a wardrobe that bulges out? Eventually, your wardrobe becomes so full that you don’t even know what you have anymore and this means that you’ll wear more items often than others. This is such a waste… We therefore offer you the opportunity to re-organize your closet! When you use our VIP service you can even make money with your closet detox. Who doesn’t want this?

We offer a FULL SERVICE solution!
You might think that you don’t have the time to do it yourself. But we are a step ahead of you! Namely, we will do all the work for you when you use the VIP service. Isn’t that amazing? You have two possibilities; you can either bring the items to our office in Amsterdam or we can personally help you with your closet detox and take the items with us. You can choose whichever one you prefer! As soon as the items arrive at our office we will literally arrange everything related to the sale of your designer items.

The first thing we are going to do is take pictures of the items, for the ads. We’ll send the pictures to our experts as well and they will do an authenticity check. In the meanwhile, we come up with prices for the items, which you can of course always adjust. The items will be posted online as soon as the items have been authenticated. We’ll also regulate the correspondence with the buyers. Next to this, we will send the items using a secured shipment when they are sold and we take care of the payments. We will transfer an X amount of money once a week, as soon as some items have been sold.


What will it cost?
The only thing you have to pay is the credit for the ad. This will be €17,50 for an item under €500 and if the item has an asking price of above €500, then you have to pay €35. There will furthermore be a commission of 25% that will be deducted from the amount when the product is sold. The remaining amount is all yours!

It became clear that it is easier for potential buyers to have all the items of one particular buyer, together. We therefore offer boutiques as well. With the VIP service, you’ll automatically get a free boutique! The boutique and items will also be promoted regularly via our social media channels. Is this something for you? Or do you have some questions about the service? Then you can send an e-mail to our Community Manager: or call this number: +31 20 794 69

Some additional information!
Now you may think that pre-owned-with-love designer items do not sell well online. This is of course not the case! But to reassure you, we also organize a Designer-Vintage sale several times a year. Therefore, we would love to take your items to the upcoming sale at Het Amstel Hotel! The chance is even bigger now that your clothing is sold in no time! All the more reason to sign up quickly for our VIP service!