We reveal in which countries you pay less for popular designer bags

Vogue Haus
14 September 2016

Travelling is, next to shopping, one of most beloved leisure acticities. Discovering a new country or city and its cultures is relaxing and interesting at the same time and ofcourse a little shopping spree can't be missed. To make your trip even more memorable, souvenirs need to be bought. Forget about postcards, magnets and others. Instead, get a great deal on your new designer bag. Another benefit of shopping while travelling, is that it can possibly save you some money, depending on where you're going. So tart booking your plane tickets now! 

Current currencies 
Lately, a lot of leading brands in the luxury market have tried to level their cross-market prices. For many this has worked out well, but there are still some big gaps. The price difference mainly comes from a different currency, so the same designer bag can cost a lot less (or more) in, for example China, than in your own country. 


Destination known 
Purseblog has compared the prices for 6 of the most popular bags, on the world's leading luxury markets in North-America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. We've converted the prices to Euro's. 

  1. Chanel Classic Flap bag in medium
    The dream bag of every woman is the cheapest in China, where you pay €3977 for the medium size. The bag is the most expensive in Japan, where it's a whopping €5238.
  2. Hermès Birkin bag 
    Most sought after and highly elusive, we advise to buy yur Birkin in France, for a price of €7000. Quite the amount, but nothing compared to Japan, where it will cost you €11009! That' over €3000 in difference. Which more than covers plane tickets.
  3. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
    Many fans won't know about this little secret, but Louis Vuitton bags remain less expensive in Paris, compared to other European capitals. The Louis Vuitton Speedy retails for €760 in the city of lights.  Once again, Japan is the most expensive, as you pay €1002 for the Speedy there. 
  4. Givenchy Antigona medium 
    The gorgeous Givenchy it-bag can be snatched up for €1690 in France. Australia is the place you need to avoid purchasing the Antigona bag, as you need to pay €2610 for it there.
  5. Gucci Supreme GG Dionysus bag 
    A more recent it-bag, seen left, right and centre. For this Gucci Gem you pay the least in the UK, only €1554. That's defintely an incentive for a trip to London!
  6. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour 
    In the small this versatile piece from Saint Laurent is the cheapest in Australia, so go 'down under' where you'll find it for €2184. Japan sets the bar, once again, with a price of €2975. 


Seal the deal 
The United Kingdom is a great destination for a little shopping spree, since the Brexit has weakened the British pound. With the conversion taken into account, you'll end up spending less on your Chanel bag! Another recommendation is Paris. Since most of the biggest luxury brands are European and Paris is the fashion capital, you'll find the best deals over there, overall.