We’ll reveal where you should buy your next designer bag!

26 September 2017

There is more to buying a designer bag than just the purchase. You should carefully research the item. In each country there is a different price tag due to taxes and currencies. You could actually save a lot of money! And who doesn’t want this?

We have chosen the 6 most popular designs and researched them per country. We’ve compared Japan, Canada, UK, China, USA, Australia and The Netherlands and France. The main thing that you will learn after this purchase guide, is that you should book a ticket to London ASAP! Because, oh my, the prices are significantly lower in England than in other countries…

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Medium:
You can buy a Chanel Flap Bag for only €4064 in The United States of America. So this is a pretty good excuse to visit New York City! The place you should avoid for a shopping spree is definitely Australia, when it comes to Chanel at least. A Flap Bag will cost you €4564!


Hermès Birkin 30 in Togo:
The lowest price on the market at the moment is €7197 and can be bought in The United Kingdom (England). The highest price can be found in Japan and will cost you a whopping amount of €9702.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Monogram Canvas:
You should book a ticket to London right away, because a Louis Vuitton Speedy will only cost you €758 in England. The place you should avoid is China. Here, it will cost you €956…

Givenchy Antigona Bag Medium:
If you’re looking for a Givenchy Antigona Bag you should definitely visit Japan! You can make the bag yours for only €1536 euros! In contrast to Australia, where the bag costs €1000 more (!). The price tag of this beauty in Australia is namely €2569. So you should definitely avoid Givenchy stores when you’re in Australia…


Gucci Supreme GG Dionysus Bag:
China is the only place where you can get a Gucci Dionysus for less. It will cost you around €1134. Japan is again one of the most expensive places you can get a Gucci bag. The price tag of a Gucci Dionysus is €1976 in Japan.

Yves Saint Laurent Sac Du jour Small:
England is the place to be right now, because a lot of designer items are cheaper here. The Yves Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour is €2065 in contrast to Canada, where the bag is €2880!

So England is definitely the best place to go on vacation, if you want to have a big designer shopping spree. Pretty much every bag is cheaper than in other countries! And plus, who doesn’t want to go to London? It’s such a beautiful city! Is the bag still too expensive for you? Check out our offer and find the perfect vintage designer bag for even less!