What do you think of the redesigned Mulberry Bayswater?

03 June 2016

In the beginning of may, Mulberry introduced their new Bayswater bag. The updated it-bag is designed by Johnny Coca, the new creative director of the British brand. Mulberry fans were slightly worried about the new design of their beloved bag, but Johnny didn't change it too much.

Thoughts behind the bag
The new bag will be a evolution to the original bag. The bag is adapted to modern life and has a very practical feel. As Coca said: ''You have to adapt the design around women's lifestyles today''. Coca wants to push boundaries and create a modern feeling around the brand, but still wants to maintain the DNA and authenticity.


In with the new
Johnny improved the bag by making it sleeker and making it more structured than the old Bayswater. The lining of the bag has improved and makes it possible to carry a laptop or tablet, without altering the shape of the bag. The old leather is replaced by a much lighter type of leather, which makes it easier to lug. The hardware of the bag has changed the most, since the postman's lock-plate is smaller and the padlock and metal feet have disappeared. The famous tree logo had to make place for a minimalistic embossed gold lettering, showing the company name, in a seventies vibe font. Next to the existing shades, like burgundy, black and clay, new shades are introduced. A vibrant purple, candy pink and a canary yellow are a true match to the new exterior of the bag. The new Bayswater will retail for a price of €1250,-.

Out with the old?
If you're not digging the new Bayswater, don't worry. The old-style Bayswater will still be available in the direct future. Both the new- and old style will be available for pre-fall 2016 in various colours. The classic Bayswater retails for €1195,-.