What fits in a Chanel Wallet on Chain?

03 March 2016

The Chanel wallet on Chain is one of the most affordable Chanel bags currently available. Besides having a relatively friendly price tag, the WOC is also extremely versatile and can function as a wallet, a small crossbody bag or a clutch. But before you decide to purchase this multifunctional beauty of a bag it's good to know what fits inside. 

What fits?
The Chanel Wallet on Chain bag is available in 7 classic styles and recently 8, thanks to the introdcution of the Boy version. All styles differ in size, but we can guarantee that every WOC will hold the following items:

  • IPhone 6+
  • cardholder
  • keys 
  • lipstick
  • cash
  • (credit) cards

As you can see a Chanel Wallet on Chain will hold all your essentials. And even though it's half the price of a Classic Flap bag, it's still fully packed with the classic characteristics of the French fashion house, like the CC logo and quilted leather.