What is wrong with the facade of Chanel's Boutique in Amsterdam?

18 January 2017

Previously, we reported on the gorgeous new Chanel boutique in Amsterdam which was unveiled in April last year. With a facade made ​​of glass bricks, the French fashion house created a modern and stand-out architectural design. It was very well received by Chanel aficionado's from around the world, but apparantly the muncipality of Amsterdam needed some convincing during the start of the design process.


Bricks, the Chanel-way
The rules of the building permit required that 20 percent of the facade to be made out of bricks. That's how Architect Winy Maas came to the brilliant idea of mixing the original bricks with bricks made of glass. But now it seems like the design isn't as genius as we thought. The glass facade is showing cracks, which might be due to the seriously cold weather we've seen lately.


A technical disaster
The technical journal 'Bouwwereld' states that the glass bricks are solidified with a very thin layer of glue, which makes it almost impossible for the glass to expand or shrink, (something that often happens when the weather changes). Because the temperature has quickly gone down to below zero, the glass bricks have expanded and are shattering. The boutique recently won an award at the World Architecture Festival, but while it certainly is a gorgeous store, on the level of construction it may need some improving.