When good fairies go bad..

14 August 2014

It’s been already quite a while since the movie Maleficent premiered. You’ll probably remember it, the epic adaptation on Disney’s sweet Sleeping Beauty fairytale. Retold from the evil witch's perspective, Maleficent a.k.a Angelina Jolie. The tale became just a tad more eerie and tragic. 
In true character, Angelina decided to design her shoes for the film's promotional tour in collaboration with the creator of the vamp himself, monsieur Christian Louboutin. Oozing good fairy gone bad, the pumps have a sculpted tail detail with blood dripping down (told you Disney didn't go candyfloss here).
Craving for them? Well, available in red and black, the Malangeli Louboutins are yours for a whopping 1200 euros at selected Louboutin stores. Not so maleficent detail: profits from sales will go to SOS Children's Villages, an organisation strongly supported by Jolie.
Scurptural Maleficent Louboutins not quite your cup of tea? Luckily the good old classics will always be available as well, brand new or pre-owned-with-love. There’s a perfect Louboutin for everyone...