Why Chanel espadrilles are a great investment

01 July 2016

Who doesn't love the Chanel espadrilles? But even though they're beautiful, the shoes come with a very high price tag! Is it worth investing this kind of money in a pair of espadrilles? We think it is and here is why. 

1. Timeless
Just like the Chanel classic ballet flats these espadrilles are elegant and timeless. These flats will be your go-to shoes for years and years to come.

2. Hot-buys 
Chanel espadrilles have been hot-buys for a while now, one of the fastest selling items of the brand. They tend to be sold out the same day when they arrive to the Chanel stores. Which means if you don't like them after a few months, you could still sell them for the same price. 



3. Comfortable
The majority of espadrilles often have a harsh interior lining due to the rope-like fabric to make the shoes. The Chanel espadrilles are however very comfortable as they have a slim leather lining, along with a soft suede lining at the back heel.

4. Whole year round
Espadrilles are not just for summer vacations and the beach, they are the perfect shoes for many occasions and you could wear them during Summer, Spring and even during warmer days in the Fall.

5. A pair for everyone
Chanel introduces espadrilles in new fabrics and colors every season. So if you're not a fan of the black leather espadrilles you might love the ones in white canvas. There is a perfect pair of Chanel flats for everyone