Why is the Chanel Lego bag so popular?

11 February 2016

It didn't seeem that promising when it was first released: the Chanel Lego bag. Lagerfeld debuted a selection of LEGO-inspired handbags back in 2012 for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection and the design is still one of the most sought after bags to this day.

The French fashion house is most known for their Matelassé bags in the softest lambskin and classic caviar. But the Lego bag doesn't resemble the classic Chanel bags in any way. It is made of plexiglass and comes in a range of colors: green, yellow, pink, blue, black and monochrome, just as colorful as the Danish children's toy that Lagerfeld drew inspiration from.

And while you may think that the brand's most coveted bag is the 2.55, in fashion land it’s the label’s rare, quirky runway styles that are the true Chanel it-bags. So how come this chunky and pricey clutch is so unbelievably popular?


1. It still oozes Chanel
While the design and material might no be your typical 2.55 bag, the bag does ooze Chanel. The plexiglass box has the classic double-C logo plastered across the front and the metal chain subtly refers to the interwoven chain of the 2.55. Secondly, Chanel is also one of the fashion houses that continues to reinvent itself and the iconography surrounding Chanel. So it shouldn't suprise fans that Lagerfeld will always come up with the unexpected. In this case the Lego bag was a big hit.

2. It stands out
A beautiful black leather bag is not a rare sight on the street, be it fashion week or not. But a Chanel Lego bag has the power to stand out in the most fashionable of crowds. It is a magnet fot street photographers and the huge CC-logo functions as a beacon for all Chanel lovers. Also, with its vibrant colors it's hard not to notice this vanity bag. 


3. It's on trend
In the recent years we've seen a huge rise in the popularity of vanity bags. Classics will ofcourse always stay on the radar, but there's a new found appreciation for 'fun' bags that play with color, logo's, shape and even function. The Chanel Lego bag is an example of a vanity bag that has surpassed the classics in popularity and price tag. 

4. Limited edition
The Chanel Lego bag is part of the Spring/Summer 2013 and was manafactured in limited circulation. It also came with a shocking price tag of €6900,- which makes the bag both scarce as unattainable, contributing to the allure of the bag.

5. They're almost impossible to get a hold of 
The Lego bags were nearly impossible to spot in a Chanel boutique as they sold out instantly. And as said above these bright colored babies were manufactured in an extremely limited edition which makes finding a Lego bag online even more difficult. If you're lucky enough to spot one, it might just come with an exhorbitant price tag of €9000,- and above.