Why Epi leather is better than Monogram

25 January 2017

When you hear the words Louis Vuitton, most people immediately think about the iconic Monogram canvas. And while the material and its print has definitely seen a comeback. We're here to make a case for its understated sister, the chic Epi leather. 

  • The first Louis leather
    The material was introduced in 1985, which makes it the very first leather from the house of Louis Vuitton. Most fans don't know that the brand was all about canvas before, a historic tradition that was started way back in the 19th century. As the fashion house ventured more and more in the land of handbags there was definitely a need for leather bags. 
  • The secret behind the durable Epi leather
    The Epi line has been loved ever since and is especially popular because of its durability and vivid colours. How the sturdy material is made? It starts with the dying of the leather, which is then printed with the famour three-dimensional wave pattern. Next, it's painted with a color-matching top-coating, which ensures a bright colour and (maybe even more important) a leather that is resistant to water and scratches.
  • Resale value
    These characteristics are also the reasons that the Epi bags are very stable in their resale price. The leather is so strong and sturdy, that it requires very little care and looks virtually new for years and years. This also gives the Epi bags a much better value for money, especially when compared to their (relatively) expensive canvas brothers and sisters.
  • Understated elegance
    But perhaps the best argument to make it the wonderful feeling of elegance that Epi leather invokes. You still get the wonderful craftsmanship and design, but in a slightly more discrete package.