You'll never believe how many hours go into making Chanel couture

03 November 2016

We live in an era in which we're used to getting whatever we want, whenever we want. This due to technology and an inexhaustible source of information, the internet. Fast fashion is taking the over and see-now-buy-now is becoming a more common concept in the world of designers. But sometimes, you have to appreciate art and wait a while, before getting your hands on something so delicate and exclusive. Chanel showed their Haute Couture show for Spring/Summer 2017, where the emphasis is put on craftsmanship expertise and the many hours their team puts into their items. 


Public atelier
Karl wouldn't be Karl if he didn't create an incredible set for the show. A-list fashionista's found themselves in a small recreation of the actual atelier that can be found on Rue Cambon, including cutting tables, fabrics, sketches and many more. The full team of seamstresses was on the set, doing their work as usual, while the models paraded down the runway. A real statement and an homage to the greatest form of expertise, refined over the years and a constant reminder of all the hard work put into making a complete haute couture collection.


Couture in numbers
The question that remains is, how many hours of fine craftsmanship is put into Chanel couture items? Harpers Bazaar collaborated with Chanel and made a short film about the work put into three different dresses. The first dress is made from a staggering 8000 ostrich feathers. The time spent on the upper-dress of the second dress is 400(!) hours. Eventhough the third dress takes up the least time, its top and panel still have 80000 single elements incorporated in it. Mon dieu