5 handbag trends in 2019 you can't miss out on

08 January 2019

After the busy Christmas days we are super excited about 2019. And especially about the handbags trends for this new season. Which handbag is going to conquer the streets?

1. Handbags as necklaces
Let’s start small, micro in fact. There is no excess, no overpacking. It’s just you, the bare minimum number of essentials, and a way to wear your bag that keeps you hands-free at all times.

2. See-trough handbags
Fendi and Chanel already introduced this transparent bag for 2019. Everyone can see what’s in your bag, so make sure that also the inside of your bag is fashionproof! 

3. Printed tote bags
This hold-all handbag is less about the structure and more about holding as much as you can. It’s one of the most practical bag trends, but in floral prints and shiny textures, it’s also one of the prettiest.

4. Belt bags
The belt bag made a very prominent comeback about this time las year. But also in 2019 the belt bag is still a must-have.

5. Multiple bags
Chanel’s new bag trend for 2019 is here, and it’s extra. Models accessorized their beach ensembles with not one, but two handbags. Either harnessed across the body holster style, or held together.