6 tips to protect your suede designer bag

20 November 2019

Let’s be honest. Suede designer bags are absolutely gorgeous, but the fabric is so vulnerable. As an addition to our previous article about suede bags, we listed a few tips as to how you can maintain your bag so that the suede remains perfect. Because you might not believe it, but cleaning a suede bag is easier than you think!  

1. Avoid water at all times

The first rule is to avoid using water on your suede bag. Any use of water will discolor your suede. If you somehow accidently spill water on your bag, it’s important to use a clean and dry brush or cloth. Rub the dry brush on your bag to clear surface marks and water spots. Don’t press to hard as it will spoil the texture of the suede.

2. Brush regularly

You should brush your bag regularly - around every 2 weeks. It helps you to get rid of dust and it also maintains the soft look of suede. It’s important to brush the suede in one direction. This will help you keep the suede clean and beautiful. 

3. Use special brushes to remove stains and dirt

The worst nightmare of suede bags is stains. To remove stains, use a soft pencil eraser. Rub the stain gently with the eraser until the stain clears. After you removed the stains, rub down the bag with a clean brush. As mentioned before, you should brush the suede in one single direction.

4. Use conditioner

After you cleaned your suede bag it might be a good idea to condition it. Make sure you use a conditioner especially made for suede. It will give the bag a new look and helps to maintain its appearance for longer. A protector spray acts as a repellent. Rub it into the bag with steady strokes. It is a myth that protector spray will hurt the skin of a bag. It actually helps the bag, because the spray will slow down the process of the stain leaving a permanent mark on the bag.

5. Use vinegar or alcohol

Using vinegar or alcohol on suede is completely safe. These two can brighten the material after it has gotten dirty. Pour a small amount (of one of these two) onto a dry cloth and clean the bag. Make sure you use enough vinegar or alcohol to make the cloth damp. Then rub the suede. Make sure you let the suede dry after applying vinegar or alcohol.

6. Freeze your bag

It may sound strange, but you can also freeze your bag. When you end up with (for example) gum stuck to your suede back, you can remove it by freezing your bag. Because of this, the gum will harden so you can eventually remove it. Use your fingers or a brush, this prevents damage to the bag and the suede.