The departure of Phoebe Philo at Céline increases the value of your Céline bag for sure

06 November 2018
A couple of weeks ago Hedi Slimane introduced his new collection during the Fashion week in Paris. He introduced not only his new collection, but also a new logo for the brand. Well, a new logo… he removed the score above the 'E'. Hedi Slimane was criticized after his debut. According to the fashion bloggers and influencers on social media the new collection of Céline looks like the Saint Laurent collection. Hedi Slimane was Creative Director of Saint Laurent before he went to Céline. The real Céline lovers are disappointed and miss Phoebe Philo as creative director of Céline.

This means that the collections of Phoebe Philo are very populair and worth more money! The bags of the collection of Philo are upgraded in price with 30% according to Business of Fashion. It is not sure at what time the new collection will be introduced in the boutiques. So do you want a real Phoebe Philo Céline bag with the score above the E? Run to the Céline boutique before you are too late. If you have not saved enough money to run to the boutique now, you are always welcome at for a pre-owned Célinw bag. You have a real treasure in hands when you already have a Céline bag. So what do you decide, keeping or cashing!