Detox your closet for Christmas

21 December 2018

It is almost Christmas so a closet detox is now definitely a good idea. Of course you have to buy presents and nowadays everybody expect big presents. So why not cash extra money with the worth of your closet.

The rule is: clothes, bags and shoes that you have not worn for a year have to be sold! This is the perfect way to get extra closet space and earn money for those big Christmas present. And let’s not forget your old wardrobe gets a new life. That is what we call eco-chic recycling.

If you are not really into getting big Christmas present for your family or friends you can also plan a shopping day! Yeah, we don’t judge.

And you already know this but Designer-Vintage is the perfect platform to sell your designer items. Buy a bundle of 5 credits and pay €75 instead of €87,50. After your item is sold we do not, I repeat, we do not charge commission. Hey, saving money yet again! Happy Sales! And a very Merry Christmas from the Designer-Vintage family to yours.