Join our Expert Community

18 September 2018

As you might know, our Designer-Vintage team works with Brand Experts to help authenticate all the designer items that are uploaded to our platform. Our team of experts are vital to keeping our wonderful platform a safe and fun environment. From 'Chanel addicts' to 'Gucci gals', our experts have a feel for the 'real deal'.

We're especially looking for a Bulgari and Dior expert. So are you an expert when it comes to Dior bags or unbeatable in spotting a knock-off Bulgari handbag? Please send us an e-mail. 

What do you get in return?
For every item you authenticate, you'll receive a free advertisement on Designer-Vintage. That is what we'd like to call a win-win situation!

We'd love to expand our community of Brand Experts. If you have what it takes to distinguish an original designer piece from a copy, then please reach out to us. Send an e-mail to to get in touch.