VIP service

Are you in desperate need of a closet detox? But lack the time to clean out your closet yourself? Let us do the work for you! Use our VIP service for an effortless sale and cash out your closet.

We offer a FULL SERVICE solution!

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  1. Send your designer items to our office in Amsterdam or call us for a pick-up appointment (only available in the Netherlands).
  2. After we have received the items, we will take pictures, arrange the perfect posting and post the items online!
  3. We will open a personal VIP page for you (worth €60,-) where all your items will be available. We will accept clothing after consultation.
  4. This VIP page will be frequently promoted on our social media platforms. In addition, the VIP page is included in the newsletters of Designer-Vintage. 
  5. We will handle all correspondence with the buyers for you, ship the items insured when they are sold and take care of all payments.
  6. The items will be taken to our events. These can be bought by our customers. 
  7. Once a week we will transfer the amount into your account!

What are the costs?
For this service, you will only pay your credit for placement and 25% commission when an item is sold. An offer you can’t refuse!

Prices credits 

*We don't use bundle discounts on the credits

For more information or a special price, please contact our Community Manager Max van der Waals.
+31 20 262 3046