How it works

Designer-Vintage is the place to buy or sell your pre-owned or new designer items. All items are checked to the best of our ability on authenticity.
You’ll always get the best deal: Designer-Vintage takes no commission on sales, so all proceeds are for you! This also results in sharp pricing, a win-win situation.


On Designer-Vintage you’ll find your desired item for the best price. Because our sellers keep the entire proceeds, the prices will always be sharp.


All items have been checked on authenticity before they’re posted online.


Simply register first and use the 'contact seller' button to contact our sellers.


Safe payment service

When you purchase an item, you can transfer the money to the seller, use a service like PayPal. Do you prefer letting us handle the transaction?
Then use our service

Secure Transfer Service


The item is shipped directly from seller to buyer, always use insured shipment.

Early Access

Always want access to every designer item on our platform? All new designer items have 24 hrs Early Access. Get Early Access now and always be the first to get access to all items!

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Selling on Designer-Vintage is easy and rewarding. We take no commission on sales, so all proceeds are for you.

1. register

Register on our platform and choose the number and type of credits you need.


2. picture perfect

Find a white background and take at least 6 square pictures of your designer product (use a black background for white items)

3. easy upload

Start uploading your pictures and follow the steps. Lacking time to sell your items? Check out our VIP Service.

VIP Service

4. start selling

Receive messages from potential buyers through the platform. Close the deal and ship the item to the buyer after receiving the money.


Asking price under 500 euros

  • 1 posting 17,50 euros
  • Bundle of 5 postings 75 euros (price per posting 15 euros, 15% discount)

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Asking price over 500 euros

  • 1 posting 35 euros
  • Bundle of 5 postings 137,50 euros (price per posting 27,50 euros, 21% discount)
  • Bundle of 15 postings 375 euros (price per posting 25 euros, 29% discount)

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Asking price over 1500 euros

  • 1 posting 45 euros
  • Bundle of 5 postings 199,00 euros (price per posting 39,80 euros, 12% discount)
  • Bundle of 15 postings 525 euros (price per posting 35 euros, 29% discount)

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Let's do the math!

Selling your designer bag on Designer-Vintage is a smart move. Here's why:

Buy a credit for 45 euros to put your 3000-euro bag online. SELL your bag and actually keep the whole 3000 euros!

Selling on a similar platform will cost you a lot more...

Put your 3000-euro bag online on a different platform. SELL your bag and pay 450 (!) euros commission! You only get to keep 2550 euros! #notfunny

Do the math and start selling on Designer-Vintage now!

Need some extra attention for your posting? A refresh gets your designer item on the first page again.

  • 1 refresh 4,50 euros
  • 10 refreshes 35 euros (22% discount)

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Open your boutique

Do you have multiple designer items to sell? Or have you made eco-chic recycling your business? Then opening your own customized boutique on Designer-Vintage is a great option.

With your own boutique you can easily

  • Customize your shop, by uploading your own banner and choosing a design
  • Give extra background information about you and your designer items
  • Highlight designer items in the listing page of your own boutique
  • Add testimonials and quotes on you and your designer items
  • Choose one of our fashionable designs.
  • Pay attention! You'll need credits in order to put your items online in your boutique.

Boutique rates

  • 2 months: 17,50 euros
  • 12 months: 60 euros

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