Become a Brand Ambassador

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26 January 2016

As Designer-Vintage is constantly expanding and growing, we are searching for new Brand Ambassadors to join our team. And we are looking for you! Is Designer-Vintage your favorite platform to buy or sell pre-owned-with-love designer pieces? Do you want to spread the word and reach out to new fans? Then, you might be our new Brand Ambassador...

  • What is a Brand Ambassador?
    Our Brand Ambassadors reach out to their followers, friends or fanbase, to share their personal Designer-Vintage story. They introduce Designer-Vintage to a new audience and exchange experiences and testimonials. 
  • What does it take?
    We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who are able to reach a large audience. Wether this means that you're a blogger with a large following or just a loyal customer with a big network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, we are open to different types of proposals!
  • How does it work?
    Send an e-mail with your story to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please do make sure to put 'Brand Ambassador' in the headline.