Hermès Birkin bag

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30 December 2015

In the hierarchy of handbags the Birkin is the uncrowned queen. With a starting price of €8000, - the bag is reserved for only a handful of people. Time for a quick fashion-lesson on one of the biggest status symbols in the fashion world: the Birkin bag.

Model, singer, it-girl and a source of inspiration. We're talking about Jane Birkin. In the 80’s Jane was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermès, on her flight from Paris to London. Jane was complaining that she never found the perfect weekend bag, and was describing to Dumas what her dream bag would look like. Shortly after their meet up, Birkin received her personalized bag with a personal note. 

Travel with Birkin
And Dumas certainly made the perfect travel bag. The Birkin can be carried by hand or on the wrist, your choice! The bag closes perfectly so there's no chance that any of your things will get lost. Sounds like the ideal bag for a plane flight, right? 

The Birkin is a large bag with a square shape and a sporty yet elegant appearance. Back in 1984, the design of the Birkin was a modern statement from the (until then very traditional) fashion house. Before the Birkin, the conservative and ladylike Kelly bag was one of the figureheads of the company. The brand new Birkin symbolized a new generation.

Waiting list
Nowadays the Birkin bag is one of the most wanted bags in the fashion world. Hermès doesn’t sell online or through any other retailers. If you want a Birkin, you have to go to the store. Did you know the waiting list can take up to 4 years? Many celebrities as Kim Kardashian and the Olsen twins are walking around with the famous Birkin.

Sizes and prices
Although the bag is available in a range of different colors and materials (the leather is available in 20 shades of blue), the design of the Birkin has virtually remained unchanged. It still takes 20 hours to produce one single Birkin! The bag comes in different sizes: 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm and 45cm. The prices of the bags range from €9500 to €13.5000.

The most expensive Birkin ever, was a crocodile leather piece with white gold hardware and diamond studs. The bag was auctioned off in 2011 for an amount of €189.842.

Skip the waiting list
Want to avoid the lengthy waiting list for a Birkin? We currently have more than eight Birkins online on Designer-Vintage. From a bright red version to ostrich leather. But even in you aren't intrested in buying, isn't it always a joy to look around in the wonderful word of Hermès?