Louis Vuitton luggage

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18 November 2015

Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854 in Paris. The, now iconic trunk was introduced four years after his store opening, in 1858. This new type of luggage was introduced in the right place at the right time. The industrial developments of the 19th century (like the steam train) allowed Europeans to travel further and longer. For these long journey's they needed comfortable luggage and Louis Vuitton was the first who designed bags made from canvas instead of leather. Vuitton was also the first to invent luggage with a flat top and bottom. All in all it was a new era with lighter luggage that was waterproof and easier to transport.

Damier canvas
As the luggage became more popular, the fashion house needed a characteristic canvas to fight off copycats. In 1888 the Damier canvas was introduced and the interior luggage was provided with the Louis Vuitton logo  

The new heir
Unfortunely Louis Vuitton died in 1892 but his son George Vuitton saw big potential in his father's firm. In 1896, George Vuitton introduced a new monogram design with oriental influences. The Monogram still remains one of the the most popular materials of the fashion house.


The Petite Malle is one of the most recent additions to the Louis Vuitton family. Not familiar with this crazy-cute bag? Designer Nicolas Ghesquière was inspired by the legendary trunk and a designed a carry-on piece that looks just like miniature luggage. You can wear the Petite Malle as a shoulder bag en it's available in various prints and colors.


In the Fall/Winter 2015 shows we saw that the once 'Petite' Malle had evolved into a much bigger bag. With a copper-like exterior we're sure that this new piece will become just as popular.