Gucci Jackie bag

Shot from Gucci presents: The Jackie, Director: Anders Hallberg
07 March 2016

It's one of the big Gucci icons: The Jackie bag. So it's no suprise that you'll find the bag in the Gucci museum in Florence, along with the horse bit, the bamboo handle and the double-G logo. Gucci designed the bag in the fifties and intially named it the Fifties Constance. It was originally designed as a unisex model, but quickly grew into a beloved women's bag. 

Jackie Kennedy 
When Mrs. Kennedy was spotted carrying the Fifties Constance the bag became an instant hit. Mrs. Kennedy was without doubt one of the most stylish First Ladies that America had ever known and was a huge fashion icon in her time. So naturally, her choices for accessories and clothes had a great influence. As a tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy, Gucci changed the name of the bag to the 'Jackie'. 


The hobo bag 
The Jackie is the perfect symbol of the bohemian style that was very popular during the sixties and seventies. It was the first hobo bag, which inspired many fashion houses and labels to design a similar design. Although it might be hard to find the resemblance, the hobo bag is named after homeless folk. The name and the model refer to the knapsack (made from a handkerchief and a stick) which was carried by wandering people. 

The Bouvier
The 'New Jackie' was introduced in 2009 by creative director Frida Giannini and is a deconstructed version of its predecessor. A few years ago the bag got renamed again: The Bouvier. A name that true Jackie fans might recognize as the maiden name of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Another fashion icon 
But when Allessandro Michele took over the reigns at Gucci, the Jackie title was reinstated. This time the bag was promoted by another fashion icon: Kate Moss. The campaign video of the Jackie bag focuses on Kate Moss using the Jackie bag to protect herself from the paparazzi, something that Jacqueline Kennedy was very familiar with.

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Gucci presents: The Jackie, Director: Anders Hallberg