Prada Saffiano

Julia Engel, galmeetsglam
05 July 2016

This Prada icon is particularly know for her beautiful strong leather, her easy maintenance and keeping her shape for many years to come. 

The history of the Saffiano starts in 1913
The Prada Saffiano thanks it's name to the kind of leather used for the bag. It was Mario Prada who invented this sturdy material. Saffiano leather was first made in Italy, in one of the most famous tanneries. After the Italian fashion house obtained a patent for their leather finish, they started the production of their very first handbag, the Saffiano, in 1913. 

Hot stuff 
Saffiano is a textured leather which makes it extremely resistant to scratches. The texture isn't a natural characteristic of the leather, but is made by machinery. Saffiano stands out because of its cross-hatched structure, which forms the diagonal print. The stiff leather is usually made from calf skin, with a wax on top, on which the structure is pressed into. The leather is treated by a machine, which is heated up to 70 degrees Celsius. After the leather is pressed, for 10 to 15 seconds, It's treated with the wax finish, and then pressed to create the signature cross-hatched texture. 


A durable designer bag
Because of the wax finish, the leather is very durable and will remain virtually scratch- and crack free. Even with heavy wear, your Saffiano tote will always hold its shape. Which also make it perfect as a work bag. Next to the practical material, the Saffiano has a classic and iconic design, and will always stay one of the big designer bag classics.