6 things you didn't know about Gucci

Getty Images
02 February 2016

1. Started from the bottom
Guccio Gucci was the son of a leather maker. In his teens he went to Florence in search of a new life. He wanted anything but to become like his father, who worked all his life making leather suitcases and other leather accessories. Years later, Guccio Gucci revolutionized the luxury leather bags and suitcases industry. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

2. Never too old for succes
When Guccio Gucci founded his own brand in Florence, he was already 40 years old. Before he started his company, he worked at the Savoy Hotel in London where he was inspired by the British nobility, to use equeastrian details in his future design.

3. Unexpected innovation
During the 1940’s Italy was in war and lived under a fascist dictatorship, which made supplies scarce en leather very hard to find. The company had to experiment with other materials like burnished cane or bamboo. The 'burnished canE bag,' better known as the Bamboo bag became extremely popular and is still beloved by the fashion scene today.

4. Its own museum
In 2011 Gucci opened its own museum in Florence. The museum is more than 1700 square meters big and showcases the history of the brand. On the ground floor there is a Gucci-café, a bookstore and an Icon Store where you can buy bags, accessories and jewelry, specially designed for the museum. On the first floor you’ll find bags and evening clothing, worn by famous celebrities. 





5. The first lady 
Jackie Kennedy was a true fashion icon during her time as the first lady. She was a big fan of Gucci’s classic: the 'Fifties Constance' shoulder bag. After being photographed with the bag numerous times, Gucci changed its name into the Jackie O bag. 

6. Turning the brand around
In 1994 Tom Ford was promoted to creative director of Gucci. He has been credited with the revival of Gucci as a luxury brand. He introduced the stiletto Gucci shoe and the cut out jersey Gucci dress. Tom Ford had a glamorous vision and brought a sense of sexiness into the 90’s.