8 reasons to buy a Chanel Flap Bag

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16 February 2016

Why buy a Chanel bag? For some people Chanel bags are just a matter of the heart, others probably need a little more reasons than just the prettiness of the bag. Take a look at a few reasons as to why buying a Chanel bag is always a good idea.

1. The price will go up
Since 2008, the prices of a Chanel Flap Bag have increased with more than €1400, investing in a Chanel bag is safer than investing in the stock market as prices of Chanel bags have only gone up in the past, despite of the economy, and will only go further up in the future. These constantly rising prices make it easy to resell the bag for the same price or in some cases even more. 

2. You can pass it on
If you're not thinking about eventually reselling your Chanel bag, why not aim to become that mother or grandmother that passes on her vintage Chanel bag to her children or grandchildren? 

3. The longer you wait to buy, the more you’ll regret it
The rising prices of Chanel Flap Bags mean that you can easily resell the bag, but also that you should not wait with buying one. Buy one now because the longer you wait the higher the price will be and eventually the harder the choice to buy one or not. 



4. It will last forever
Chanel bags are expensive, we know, but they are also made from the highest quality.  Each Chanel handbag is handmade by skilled craftsmen. It doesn’t get any better than that. Wouldn’t you rather spend more money on a bag that lasts a lifetime than having to buy a cheaper bag once every three years? 

5. There are more choices now than ever before 
Every season Chanel puts out a lot of outstanding and themed items. This means there is a flap bag to fit everyone, whether you like a classic black bag or a colorful limited edition piece. 





6. The Chanel Boy Bag changed the game
The Classic Flap Bag has been popular for decades, but it was the Chanel Boy Bag that really changed the game. This bag is a modern-looking next generation bag that still is very Chanel. 

7. It’s forever fashionable 
Like Coco Chanel said: Fashion fades, only style remains the same. The flap bag is the epitome of timeless. Even decades later when Karl Lagerfeld reissued the bag, the design was still very popular. 

8. There is a healthy vintage market for Chanel bags
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