6 things you didn't know about Anna Wintour

Getty Images
11 March 2016

Of course we all know Anna Wintour as the driving force behind the biggest fashion magazine in the world: Vogue. Miss Wintour was born in the United Kingdom in 1949 and is easily recognizable with her clean bob haircut and permanent sunglasses. While all this may come as old news, we bet you didn't know these 8 things about Anna Wintour:

  • She’s had her signature bob since her teenage years.
  • She was fired once.
  • She has an annual clothing allowance of $200,000.
  • She comes from a family of journalists.
  • She wears custom Manolo Blahnik heels in a color specifically made to complement her skin tone. 
  • She earns at least 2 million dollars a year.
  • Her first cover was so different from the norm that the magazine's printers asked if it was a mistake. 
  • Thanks to her strong character, Wintour is nicknamed “Atomic lady.”