This is how you create an it-bag

Song of style
20 June 2016

1. Name
One of the main factors that contributes to the it-bag status is the name of the bag. In the past, if a bag was named after an ‘it’ girl, it had a better chance of becoming an iconic bag. Many brands have named or re-named their products after stylish public figures like the Kelly bag, which was originally called the Sac à Dépêches. In th eighties Hermès pulled the same trick with the Birkin bag which they named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. Ever since then, many other fashion housed followed and named their bags after style icons.

2. Fashion Editors
Promoting a bag starts with getting it into the hands of fashion editors, especially those of Vogue, Glamour and Elle. If the editors fall in love with a piece, they will very likely feauture it in their shoots for an upcoming issue. A bag that is the shining star on a magazine cover or two, has a far greater chance of becoming an it-bag. 

3. Celebs, socialites and beyond 
The next step for the road to stardom starts with stylists and publicists, who will pitch the bag to celebrities. Another trick is to just hand out your models to influential figures. Kate Moss was the one who skyrocketed the popularity of the Balenciaga motorcycle bag and many of her fellow models and also actrices have had a similar influence on the status of a bag. 

4. The wait list 
One way of creating demand for a bag is having a wait list. Many brand have been accused of faking a wait list to create more of a hype around the bag. One of accusations was against Hermès and their Birkins. But the wait list did seem to work as the Birkin is still one of the most sought after bags. The waiting lists create scarcity, which results in high demand. 

5. Bloggers
Recently bloggers are becoming especially important when it comes to influencing an ‘it’ bag. Bloggers are a great marketing tool as the most influential bloggers have a wide reach, with some over 2 million fans on Instagram alone.