6 Louis Vuitton accessories that every woman should own!

28 November 2017

Real Louis Vuitton lovers, do not only like their bags but also their accessories. Here is a top six of Louis Vuitton accessories that we absolutely love and you should definitely own!

1. Louis Vuitton Essential V earrings
The Louis Vuitton Essential V earrings are one of the most iconic earrings these days. If you were able to get them, you are quite lucky because at many LV stores they are sold out. These beautiful golden earrings are made from gold finished brass metal and have a very tiny Louis Vuitton logo on the bottom. They are quite big and heavy, but you'll definitely get used to that! The earrings are really elegant at the same time, perfect to finish up your look!

2. Keep it bracelet
Another item on this list is the “Keep it bracelet”. The bracelet features the signature Damier canvas and shiny golden finish metal. The lock of the bracelet is engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo and is easy to open and close. It can be bought in different colors and it will make your casual outfit a bit more fancy.

3. Louis Vuitton Initials Reversible belt
What is an outfit without a cute belt? This Louis Vuitton Initials Reversible belt is a stunning piece made by Louis Vuitton. As the name already says, it can be worn on both sides. The belt is made of grained leather and it has a shiny golden buckle. The buckle is definitely an eye catcher and gives you a sophisticated look!



4. Karakoram Scarf
Winter season is coming and scarfs are going to be much needed! If you want to make sure you are staying warm and comfy this winter, this is the scarf you need! It is made out of 30% fine cashmere and 70% wool and features stripes and the Louis Vuitton LV logo on the corners of the scarf. Put on a warm coat, wear this scarf and you are ready to go!

5. Bubble V bag charms & key holder
Do you always lose your keys? No worries, we have the perfect solution for you! With this really cute keychain, you will never lose your keys ever again. And, it looks super cute as well. Talk about a win/win situation right! The key holder is made of fur and it has the Louis Vuitton signature engraved on the snap hook and rings as well.

6. Eye-Trunk phone case
The Eye-Trunk phone case is an item that just needs to be on this list. This phone case is especially made for the Iphone 7 and 7plus and features the Monogram coated canvas. Louis Vuitton calls it the ultimate fashionable accessory of the season and it surely is! Wherever you go, you can surely pick up your phone with style.

Do you want one of these items but is the price just a bit too high for you? Don't worry, we got you covered. You can find many of these items on our website, so check it out!