The ultimate guide to buying a Chanel bag

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12 August 2016

Buying a Chanel bag is probably the dream of every fashionista. However, a Chanel bag is a life long investment and if you're particularly interested in building a resale value for you bag, there are some insider details you need to know about. That's why we present the perfect purchase guide for shopping your Chanel bag, zooming in on every aspect you should pay attention to.

What style to choose
At first you need to know which particular handbag styles will keep their value. It's a good thing to stick with classic bags, to make sure you will easily re-sell your bag. You can never go wrong with a Medium or Jumbo Classic Flapbag in black, preferably in lambskin or caviar leather. Another bag that is really worth the investment at the moment, is the Chanel Medium Boy bag. The bag was only released onto the market quite recently, in 2011. But is a highly popular style right now, that will probably become even more popular over the years.


Limited edition's
Collectible items, or the minaudière bags always do well, especially when it comes to Chanel. These rare items are hard to get, but if you manage to get your hands on one, hold on to it for life. Well, not literally for life, but you do need to hold onto the bag for a longer time than for example a Classic Flapbag. This is only if you care about resale value ofcourse. Because the items are so special and limited, they can be sold for amazingly high prices. 

What kind of hardware do you need? 
Another choice to make, is hardware. If you love tweed, tassels, studs or anything else you could add to a bag, you should totally go for that. It makes your bag look more unique and really adds to the personal aspect of your bag. But, keep in mind that those particular details make it harder to resell your bag. If you're interested in selling your bag, you should go for a more neutral kind of bag, with a traditional chain and visible logo. The real vintage bags have hardware made from 24k gold, recognizable by the little mark stamped into the crossing C's. 


No fakes
Whenever you want to buy a brand new Chanel bag, your best go-to place is ofcourse the Chanel boutique. But if the sky high prices in store hold you back from buying, then your best bet is a vintage or pre-owned Chanel bag, which can easily be re-sold again. If you pay close attention, you might even find a little gem that is in fabulous condtion. Make sure, that if your not an expert in the authentication of Chanel bags, you buy from a trusted marketplace. At Designer Vintage we have our own experts that check every piece before it's placed online.