Secure Transfer Service

Use our Secure Transfer Service to safely buy and receive your desired designer piece straight into your closet.

How does it work?

  • The buyer transfers the agreed amount for the bought item into the Designer-Vintage bank account
  • The seller sends the sold item to Designer-Vintage office
  • When we have received the item, we open the package and check it on authenticity. If the description matches the description in the posting, we forward the item to the buyer and transfer the money to the seller.

How can you use this service?

Easy! After you have decided to purchase that wonderful designer item, send us an email with a link to posting. We will confirm the STS procedure to both parties by email and give instructions on how to handle things from there.

Who pays the fee?

Sometimes the buyer pays; sometimes the seller pays. It is also possible to share the amount, whatever you both agree upon and feels the right thing to do.

Service Fee

  • If the amount is under 1000 euro : 75 euro
  • If the amount is between 1000 – 2500 euro : 125 euro
  • If the amount is between 2500 – 5500 euro : 150 euro

These fees apply for shipments within The Netherlands only. This is a global service and different fees are applicable for other countries, depending on the shipping costs. Let us inform you about special fees to your destination. Please note: the fee of the Secure Transfer Service does not include shipping costs.

Fore more information contact us!
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Mijke van As

Mijke van As

Marketing Manager

Mijke (24) studied at the Fashion Business School in Doorn. She is the new Marketing Manager of Designer-Vintage. She is very motivated to increase the brand awareness of Designer-Vintage! Her favorite brand and therefore weakness is Céline.